Tax Services

When you are looking for tax services in the Woodhaven or Corona, NY, areas, then look no further than Triangle Tax Services. Our professional accountants offer invaluable tax services that include more than just tax preparation.

We also offer online tax preparation, where everything is done electronically and we will file your taxes for you. As part of our tax services, we will even take a look at your specific tax situation, examining the bigger picture and identifying ways for you to save more money in your future tax planning strategies. When you hire Triangle Tax Services, we take the worry out of tax time, which can often be associated with a lot of stress and headaches.

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Tax Specialists

When trying to find the right tax specialists to help you with your individual or business tax planning and preparation needs, it is important to know what you are looking for. You want a professional who keeps up-to-date on all of the constantly changing tax laws in place, both federally and within your state.

If you are in the Woodhaven or Corona, NY areas, you will find tax specialists at Triangle Tax Services that not only know the latest in tax law regulation, but also know exactly how to apply those laws in personal and business tax preparation in ways that will save you the most money. Our tax specialists excel in tax planning, examining your finances and finding ways to save you money now...and in the future.

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Bookkeeping & Payroll

While you might be doing your business bookkeeping and payroll by yourself, or having an employee do it for you, you should be having the bookkeeping and payroll specialists at Triangle Tax Services helping you. In addition to just keeping your books for you, we will also identify ways that you can help you grow your business and save more money.

The bookkeeping and payroll specialists in our Woodhaven, NY, office will make it easier for you to realize your business goals. We will take away your worries about your financial books and let you get back to concentrating on your business and on revenue-growing activities. Stop by our office today for a free consultation!

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Accounting Services

Triangle Tax Services in Woodhaven, NY, offer accounting services second-to-none. Our accountants are professional and courteous, and are experts at keeping your financial records and providing the accounting services you need. We will offer you financial planning advice that will help maximize your profits in the future and our accountants will make every effort to save you money when providing the financial services to you, and/or your business.

Stop worrying about your finances, and whether or not you have missed something important, and let our expert accountants take a look at your books. Our accounting services are offered by trained professionals who will make sure your taxes are filed efficiently and correctly, will offer you sound financial planning and will take over your accounting, if need be. Just tell us what you financial help you need and we will provide the expert CPA to provide the service.

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H&R Block Representative

H&R Block provides year-round services to business owners so they can concentrate on running their business. Leave the administrative tasks to us. We offer a free consultation and can show you how you could come out ahead by enlisting the help of H&R Block Business Services.

Call H&R Block Business Services today to set up a free consultation.

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