IRS Tax Audit? Get help from Triangle Tax Services

IRS Tax Audit?

March 14, 2014 by Triangle Tax Services

If you or your business are involved in an IRS tax audit then the Triangle Tax Services specialists in the Woodhaven office can help. While less than 2% of individual income tax returns have been audited by the IRS in recent years, your chances of being audited could be high due to your type of income, your profession, and the types of transactions and deductions on your tax return.

There is no way to avoid an IRS tax audit, but keeping good tax records is a great way to ensure you are prepared. If you are being audited, it is important to take every IRS tax audit seriously. Audits can result in the payment of thousands of dollars, as well as interest charges and penalties, potentially also leading to additional audits. The experts at Woodhaven’s Triangle Tax Services will help you through an IRS tax audit and make sure you are being well represented and your rights are being defended.

An IRS tax audit involves a government employee doing a line-by-line assessment of your previous income tax filing for the specific year, or years, involved in the audit. Whether you are involved in a correspondence audit, where most of the dealings with the IRS are done via mail, or a field audit, where the examiner comes to your home or business to assess your tax filings, or an office audit, where you are required to go to the examiner’s office, Triangle Tax Services can help. Our Woodhaven office is full of specialists who are knowledgable and experienced at dealing with IRS tax audits.

Whether you are involved in an IRS tax audit due to unfiled returns, unpaid payroll taxes, tax levies, liens or wage garnishments, the Triangle Tax Services Woodhaven office will represent your interests. Don’t let yourself be unprepared when facing an IRS audit.

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