Don’t let just anyone do your taxes, use tax specialists


Feb 26, 2014 by Admin

While your roommate from college might have taken a couple of accounting courses, or your Aunt Sharon is the family go-to person for tax preparation, we are here to remind you that we are tax specialists at Triangle Tax Services in Woodhaven, New York. We know you wouldn’t see an amateur doctor if you were sick. So why take your taxes to people who aren’t specialists?

We at Triangle Tax Services in Woodhaven are exactly that…tax specialists. It is our job to know and understand the complicated tax laws and regulations and how they relate to your tax preparation. It is also our job to know the regular changes and updates to those laws and how those will consequently effect your tax preparation - both for your individual taxes and the taxes for your business.

While anyone might be able to prepare your taxes for you, are you sure they are getting you the tax refunds to which you are entitled? Have they used all of the deductions that you are able to use on your taxes? Have they identified ways for you to save on future taxes? If you are not sure about these answers, you need to talk to one of our tax specialists in Woodhaven.

With tax season looming before us, don’t get caught without a tax specialist on your side. The specialists at our Woodhaven office will even help you with an IRS or State audit, making sure to defend your rights. We have experience dealing with past unfiled taxes, liens, unpaid payroll taxes and tax levies and we will work hard to sort out your past tax problems and get you back on track.

If you are being audited, without our tax specialists from Woodhaven helping you, the audit could even lead to other tax years and tax deductions that were not originally stated in the audit letter. You need to take an audit very seriously and hire the right tax specialists to help you.

Come see our tax specialists in the Woodhaven office today!

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